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Union heroes was established in Detroit, Michigan in 2017, by John Goci Reality, who is an affiliate of eXp Realty LLC. John’s family owned a restaurant in downtown Wayne that opened its doors in 1979. Over the years about 90% of the restaurant’s clientele were union members from nearby locals and manufacturing plants. Thanks to the patronage of those workers, John’s family’s business thrived and the family was supported by the business for its entire existence. John himself joined the union when he went to work at Northwest Airlines during which he developed a deep respect for his brothers and sisters in the organized labor world and an appreciation for the contributions they’ve made to his sustaining his family, the state of Michigan, and our nation as a whole. 

Our mission is to provide savings to Union Heroes who work tirelessly to drive the American economy and produce the world-leading goods and services that are the pride of this country.

About John Goci

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